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Pokémon X And Y

OMGOMG I am so excited and ready for Gen 6 like you wouldn't believe!!

It's a shame I wasn't able to see the actual stream. I was in a class at 11am... though our current replacement teacher for functional skills didn't make us do any work at all, hahaha. I'm stuck between that it was awesome we just got to slack off a bit for a lesson and doodle on pieces of paper, to "Damn, it was kind of a wasted hour and a half and I could of seen the stream!"
Though, to be honest, no one on my course is into Pokemon, so I would of had no one to really squee with anyway.

ANYWAYS I checked all the info through Twitter while on lunch and the one girl from my class that I was with was getting the brunt of me fangirling over the new Pokemon, haha.

I LOVE all three of the new starters!! They're all so cute, though Fennekin is my favourite (Like I think it is for a lot of people) but a fire fennec fox? YES PLEASE! Chespin and Froakie are also really adorable. I'm probably gonna get both games, so I'm gonna start Y with Fennekin and then gonna train Chespin and Froakie on X.
I ADORE the new legenderies too! They both look so magestic and have awesome designs!

WORLDWIDE RELEASE! Finally! I am so glad they are doing this, releasing the games on the same day worldwide. I could tell that they may of been working up to doing this eventually, as the release gaps between games became smaller, it also allows Nintendo to have more control on the content that's released and be able to get that info out worldwide before fansites do. It's also gonna be great that we ALL get to play the games at the same time!!

Also, wow, I was blown away with the 3D graphics! More because it's great to finally have this 3D Pokemon world you can run around in, allowing for much better set out scenery and just making it feel a bit more "real" so to speak. It gives much more depth to the world. Also, European (Seems to be France) based region setting? So happy about this! I was kinda hoping that they'd do one based on Europe. This is amazing!

October cannot come quick enough!
This is going to be an exciting year of Pokemon Gen 6 news :D I LOVE NEW GEN NEWS SO MUCH!
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