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Woolley woke me up at about 7am this morning when I heard her chewing on something metal sounding. I got up to see if she was chewing the bars (Stereotypical behaviour that I really wish to avoid her developing) but it turns out she was gnawing at the spout of her water bottle. She does sometimes do this when she's taking a drink, but this time she wasn't drinking from it, just chewing.
I took a better look at the bottle. Water level was fine, so I squeezed it so some drops came out and landed on the ledge, which she lapped up pretty quickly, she then licked the water bottle spout, but instantly started gnawing at it again.
I figured something must be wrong with it, so I got her spare dish, filled it with water and gave it to her. She went straight to it and began drinking. I took the bottle off and took a better look at the spout and 'lo behold, the ball bearing had gotten stuck so she couldn't get any water. It must of been like that after I changed her water before going to bed, though I swear the ball bearing was fine then.

My dad has fixed it now (By pushing the ball-bearing loose with a screwdriver) but to be honest, she seems more comfortable with her water bowl. She always seemed frustrated with the water bottle, even though when the ball-bearing is okay, it works fine and I know she's getting water, I just think she's been mostly used to water bowls in the first 5 months of her life and that she was just frustrated because the water just didn't come out as fast as she liked. When she drank from it, she always gnawed at the spout, in a fashion that made me think she was trying to "push" the water down.
I have put the water bottle back on her cage, but I've put it on the other side of her cage this time, and keeping the water bowl next to the food bowl, so she uses the water bowl more. The bottle is mostly there in case she manages to do something to the bowl, but the bowl is on a ledge, so away from the shavings and it's ceramic, so it'd be difficult for her to tip up.

I FINALLY have gotten her to realize that dried mealworms are food!! This entire month I've tried offering her them. She'd take one sniff and then recoil in disgust (seriously!) I assume she's never had them before, since not many people realize that hamster's are omnivores and would naturally eat occasional bugs in the wild (I actually didn't know until I found out that colleges hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats were fed them twice a week.) After seeing a video on youtube from a hamster based channel I'm following about what they feed their hamsters, they mixed in the dried mealworms into the regular mix, so for two days, I broke up the mealworms and mixed it into her food bowl with her regular mix. I found that both days she had taken the mealworms, but was she eating them?
Today I broke a mealworm in half and offered it to her. she took it and devoured it without hesitation. Gave her the other half, same result! I'm glad that she's started eating them now :)

I have also managed to toilet train her. I'm using chinchilla sand as a litter, but it also doubles as something that she loves digging in! Sometimes she can be a bit of a pain and either kick out most of the sand, or tip up the litter box, but otherwise she is using it :) I've been changing the sand every couple of days and it really helps to keep smell down and with spot-cleaning like that (I also spot clean her nest when I can and if it needs it), it means I can extend how long she can go without a full cage clean (I was doing weekly cleans, but with her having such a big cage I found I was using up the shavings and carefresh very fast, as well as the fact that it stressed woolley out quite a bit.) I'm gonna do a full cage clean this Friday which will allow me to re-arrange her cage a bit. She currently has the most adorable log cabin house in the cage, but she's not using it. She prefers to make her own nests it seems XD

Thinking of getting her some Timothy Hay tomorrow too, so I can give her little bits to eat (And nest in, if she wants too) I'm hoping to get the one with Chamomile as I saw it recommended on the youtube channel I watch as being good for nervous or skittish hamsters and Woolley is still rather nervous, though a little less shy now (kinda depends on the mood she's in though!)

I'm just trying different things with her so I can have some good enrichment in her cage and new things to explore. As long as I keep that up, she should hopefully not bar-chew.

Pfft okay, guess I should talk about Christmas and other stuff too XD
Apparently, my friend (Who currently lives in Germany but visited her family over here for Christmas) got me a Pokémon edition Gameboy Colour :o!! I say apparently because I don't have it yet XD It arrived at her home in Germany the day she left for the UK, so I'll be getting it in March, but it's so awesome that she got that for me! She even got a little carry case for it!
Even if I don't find any games to play on it, having it simply from a retro and collecting point of view is awesome! I've always wanted a Pokemon edition games console of some sort! I really would like a copy of Pokémon Yellow or something to play on it though XD

Got quite a bit of chocolate. That's gonna last me a bit.

Oh! I ordered the Raichu and Slowpoke Pokédolls today! :D It's been a while since I last bought pokémon plushies for myself and I'm looking forward to these.

Ah, think I've written enough for today XD
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