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So, I gave Woolley her first cage clean out last night. She was a little freaked out by it, but took it like a little champ. I got to interact with her a little too and found that she doesn't mind being stroked all that much, which is a very good sign. She also absolutely ADORES sunflower seeds and is the one food she wasn't hesitating for when I offered them to her and she eats them straight away. Turns out she may not be all that fond of peanuts though, which is odd, I've never had a hamster that wasn't keen on them. Through the week I've found a few she's nibbled on, but only really eats half and left the rest and when I looked in her food store, there were a few uneaten ones.

I had to do a bit of an emergency clean-up this morning. After cleaning her out, I decided to move her house up to one of the ledges to stop her from hiding behind the house which she did this first week. I put her little coconut hideaway house where her original house was instead to make a little burrow and put a bit of bedding in that, expecting her to nest in there, but she chose the house on the ledge anyway. I was okay with that and gave her some bedding for it.
Only this morning I found that because her house was on the ledge now and that's where she'd chosen to sleep, she'd also decided that the corner of the ledge was a good toilet and had started peeing there making a mess of her cage and SOMEHOW my bedroom wall (How she managed to spray my wall from such a distance I have no idea XD) So I had to get her out and clean it all up and relocate her house to the lower level again, only this time I made it so she shouldn't be tempted to go behind the house. I'm hoping this means she'll go to the toilet on the lower level again if she likes to pee near to where her house is, so I've set up her potty in the corner I THINK she might use.
I'll have to keep tabs on that. (The joys of pet ownership! XD)
Thankfully, after the disturbance, she found her house and settled down fairly quickly.

Got a couple of photos of her too, though they're blurry because she doesn't sit still long enough! XD (Click for bigger versions!)

Photobucket Photobucket

Urgh, now waiting for my dad to get ready VERY SLOWLY so I can go into town, get a few more things for Woolley that I need and hopefully get something to eat. Since I had to clean up the mess Woolley made, I haven't gotten the chance to eat yet X_X
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