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Fanfic ramblings!

I just spent most of today writing a fanfic scene I've had in my head since last night XD Well between seeing Helen for an hour that is. Although the scene on papaer is crap XD I write better on the computer I think so I'll have to re-write the scene on here, fighting scenes are hard to write though, especially ones that are like the scenes you see in Naruto....I need some good words to describe fighting moves and stuff I think XD;;

I made up some character who's like a human/fire Pokémon Chimera type er....thing *lol* I named him Van and I think I'll most likely have him crossed with a Typhlosion or something....there's a logical reason I have an uber evil "Pokémon Chimera" (*As I am calling them*) in it and his personality is like a cross between many FMA and Naruto baddies XD I'm trying to make him really disturbing too but....yeah....need to get good working around that too :p
He picks on poor Yugi XD (*Pets poor Yugi as I put him through a lovely emotinal distress in the fic, or at least I plan too*)

It's difficult when the scenes play in my head like a movie, it's hard to describe them >_<

The actual storyline behind everything needs thought too, although it's an oldish idea the back story I never truely sorted out....except they'll be some big ass bad guy who caused pretty much most things in the story but the rest of it is mostly Yugi and Ed (*Yes both are in the story, I think they'd make good friends*) searching for their friends/family... I'd explain the story line more but I'm going to work soon.

Besides it'll just be a fanfic I never finish, although if ANYTHING I want to write this scene XD

Hummmm, can't stop listening to the opening of Soukyuu no Fafner (*Downloaded that and the ending last night*) Both songs just RULE!
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