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So yesterday, I discovered the wonder that is Geocaching. It's a worldwide treasure hunt thing, where people plant boxes in various areas and you have to find said box using your GPS system. The box contains a log to write your name in, after that you can then say on the website that you found the box. The box also sometimes contains little bits and pieces people have left. If you take anything from the box, you need to replace it with something of equal value. The site sometimes has a clue as to where to look and the site often stresses to be careful of "muggles" (haha XD) who are basically regular people who won't know about the game. After all it's a hidden treasure (And also, if people see you doing it and word gets about that it's there, then it increases the chance of it being stolen.)

My friend Helen, who is currently over visiting from Germany, invited me to go and look for Geocaches in Sherwood forest with her friend Carl. So we spent most of the afternoon yesterday, wandering around the forest looking for these Geocaches. We found three in the forest which was pretty good. Each time Helen was the one that found them. I was actually stood right near the last one and never even noticed it! XD I suck as a treasure hunter!! But I was looking for a large Tupperware box (As the others we found were Tupperware boxes) but the last one was actually a dark coloured box with locks on it.

Haaa, I really loved it! It kinda reminded me of when I was younger and me and a friend of mine used to go on "treasure hunts" around where we live. Around the summer, each year, someone had drawn arrows (with chalk) on the pathways around where we lived. Who drew them and why I never found out, but my friend and I had tons of fun following them to find "treasure" (I don't think we ever found anything though!)

I've signed up for the website, in the hopes that I will be able to take part at some point. There are loads around where I live, especially up the canal. I apparently have GPS on my phone too (so my dad says) so that sounds like it'd be huge fun! Though a huge challenge too! Especially in places with a lot of people.
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