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So, it looks like that at some point in the next 2 weeks - month, I'll be getting a new hamster :) I put my foot down a little with my dad and he just gave in and told me to "Do what you want". A hamster, I guess, was an easy one to win him over with, as I've had them before and after a 5 or so year break from keeping them, I feel ready for another one.

I ordered a HUGE cage for it last night. It's one of the biggest you can get in the UK. Has plenty of space for the ham-ham to run around in, as well as plenty of space for toys. It has wooden shelving that you can rearrange to your heart's content and put in as much, or as little as you want. It also comes with three wooden houses. I've been reading up a lot on this big hamster forum about various things and I probably will need to paint the shelving/houses to protect them from soiling. The people on this forum uses "Plasti-kote" which once dry, is perfectly safe for children and pets and will give the wood the protection it needs.
I'm gonna kit out the cage with loads of toys, fun chew things and hidey places. I'm also thinking of getting a playpen, which will allow me to have a fairly safe barrier to work in when playing/taming/training the hamster. Granted, it seems Syrians can climb out of it, but I'd never have the Hamster in it while I'm not watching like a hawk anyway. It'll just hopefully make initial bonding and taming a bit easier.
Though I might see if I can attach cardboard to one side of each section of frame, so the hamster doesn't have access to the bars to climb up.

I'm unsure right now where I'll be getting the hamster from. I've looked into breeders and there are a few about, but not a lot of information on them. I've also considered rescue, but again, not a lot of info on any rescue centre having hamsters in at the moment. I kinda wanted to avoid pet stores though, but from what I've read, pets at home do an adoption service now (I know the pets at home near Crystal Peaks in Sheffield has one). Usually the animals are ones they weren't able to sell, or ones that were brought back for some reason or pets given to them to find them a new home. The animals you can adopt in exchange for giving a donation, which goes into a fund to help local animal shelters. That maybe better than nothing, I guess! And it both helps out local animal shelters and could give a little ham a home that it needs.
I'll have to ask more on it if I do go in to take a look at what they've got up for adoption. It won't be for a while anyway, since I need to set up the cage and get everything for it.
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