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Pokémon Talk complete with Yu-Gi-Oh LJ Icons! Wheeee!

So Pokémon episode 87 was quite boring, I guess I was expecting too much with the Lunatone being able to control people, though the possesed looking Nurse Joy was fun :p But I wonder when Professor Oak will stop pimping out the movie in his lectures...I want it to go back to his "Pokémon Lecture of the week" thing...I like watching him get abused by Pokémon X3 Though the 7th movie looks totally awesome!

Anyway in the next episode....a Snorlax eats bananas...and some Slakoth (*I think they're called Slakoth*) get pissed... and everyone falls asleep...
...I think the episode after this weeks is the one entitled "Pikachu, joining Team Rocket!?" I want to know what that one is about X3 But alas I have to wait until next week to find out *sighs* ah well. I think after that there are some Pokemon contest episodes, which probably means more Shuu XD

Anyway LOOK! I made icons out of those Bakura pictures I posted a couple of entries back from episode 215:

I think I might go post all my Yugioh icons so far on the Yugioh Icons community I joined, which I joined because:
1. I found myself stalking it anyway and
2. One person had posted a while ago asking who made a certain icon and it was one of mine XD
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