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So, after somehow avoiding getting a cold most of the year, despite being around people who had them many times, like my dad, who had a really bad one at the beginning of the year which I never caught at all, all it took was TWO WEEKS of college to give me one. Blaaah.
I managed to get through my weekend shifts at work, just, but I still feel very rough. It's weird, I don't feel off food or anything, but this cold is somehow making it harder to distinguish when I'm hungry or not, or when I'm full or not. Odd.

Gonna see what I'm like tomorrow morning. If I still feel too rough, might have to send a text to college, saying I won't be in. I really don't want to be off ill though, in case I get behind on things, but I guess I can copy any notes down I need too from someone else.

Blaaaah, this sucks.
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