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I had a lot of fun visiting my friend who lives near Portsmouth last week, despite the weather. We did manage to do a few things, like visit the historic dockyard (And I got to look around the HMS Warrior which is roughly a 150 year old ship. One of those proper old ones with a wooden deck and canons and things! SO AWESOME!), I also got to see a place which was the remains of a Roman palace, lots of mosaic floors and such! We also went shopping in Southampton and also met another two of our friends for a meal in a Japanese restaurant!
I got some photos of the ship and the Roman palace mosaics, so hopefully I'll get around to sorting those out.
The rest of the time was spent drawing and playing Pokémon!
It was really lovely to meet her family too, they were all so lovely :)

Manchester Expo is this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it! From what I can see, they are gonna have a Nintendo stall there and one of the games they'll be promoting is Pokémon Conquest which is out a week later. Gonna have a go on any demos they might have there, I'm really looking forward to the game :)

Amecon is in just over three weeks as well, I need to make sure to book my train tickets for that this week.

OH! And I came home to good news on Friday! It seems like I may not have to pay any fees or anything for my college course at all! Nice! :D
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