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"He said there wasn't a railroad...."

Dude I just got done watching FMA episode 43 (*Erm subbed this time XD;;*) and Hohenheim pointed out something about a railroad that didn't used to be there then Maria Ross thinks to herself that it was more than 100 years ago that the railroad wasn't there....
....hummm supicious ey? Could Hohenheim REALLY be over 100 years old? Well I guess anything is possible, could mean he has somewhat of a connection to the older sins (*Envy quite possibly*) A number of people on the FMA community seem to be going for Envy being Hohenheim's sin...that certinly would be intresting, a lot also don't think he has anything other than that to do with the sins, but mostly because Hohenheim is just a rather confused and spaced out character, ah but who knows *shrugs* Either way Hohenheim has a secret we have yet to find out >D

Talking of FMA I had my first FMA based dream the other night, Ed got dragged into some courtroom by the military (*And he had neither of his arms either O_O;*) and Al was stood at the front and he was all like
"Nii-san..." ;_;

Damn, last weeks Pokémon episode is taking an age to download... I wants to see a freaky moon control people damnit!
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