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I am so excited for Pokémon BW2! I don't have my game yet and won't until sometime next week, but I've been following the coverage and the games sound amazing with plenty of things to do, even after you finish the main story, which is what I felt B/W lacked. I got quickly bored of it after I finished the main story as there wasn't much to do.

But oh gosh, oh gosh, you know what I really love though?
There is apparently a new item in the game, the Shining Charm, that makes it easier to find shiny Pokémon. From what I can see, there is currently no information on how you get the item, or how much it increases the chance, but I want to know moooore. I know it'll probably increase it to a level where it's still a challenge to find shinies, which is what I want. I don't want it to be too easy, but wouldn't want it to be near impossible either.
And I'd honestly have more fun running around grass patches searching for shinies than hatching eggs XD; The Masuda Method really isn't my friend when I'm purposely hunting shinies, it seems.
So hey, I might end up spending a lot of time after the main story hunting shinies again, like I did in my Pearl game!

Also, wow, Iris is the champion. I really didn't see that coming at all! That was a really awesome surprise and I completely ADORE her new look! YOU GO GIRL!

I also love the idea of the game having a more difficult setting that raise Pokémon levels in the game.

Gooosh, I hope my copy arrives early, I am so ready to play this game.
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