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Because I'm super excited and thus have to post this everywhere:

The Mysterious Cities of Gold is getting new seasons, 30 years after the original. There are 3 new seasons planned, all 26 episodes long and from what I've read, they focus on Esteban and co trying to find the other Cities of Gold in other parts of the world. It's due to air in France, in September.
This video on Youtube has English subtitles if you turn them on :D
It really is looking to be a complete and faithful sequel to this amazing series.

The 3D animation looks a little odd at times, though after watching the trailer a few times, I feel I've gotten used to it very easily. It's wonderful to see the characters in much more updated animation and it's great their character designs were all kept and not changed in anyway.
Also, THEY MADE A NEW VERSION OF THE OPENING SONG! Oh my god, everyone remembers the opening song and I'm so glad they kept it and re-did it in better quality. The show would not be right without that opening theme!

Oh gosh, I can only hope it'll be dubbed into English. It would be silly if it wasn't. The original season is such a cult classic and it would be a great series for kids today to get into too.

On another note. I got an account on Netflix so I can watch "Avatar: The Last Airbender" which I honestly had never seen until I started watching it yesterday. I'd been wanting to see it, but all the Korra on my Tumblr dash made me realize "Oh hey, I really should watch this show".
I've been posting a few bits and bobs about it on my Tumblr account. Random screenshots and comments. I've watched up to episode 8 so far, I think.

And obviously now I have to re-watch the Mysterious Cities of Gold, in preparation for these new seasons! It's a good thing I have the whole first season on DVD!
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