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For the past few weeks, I've been following the facebook account of Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

I did my school work experience here back in 1998 when I was 15. I mostly worked in the cattery for the entire week, even though I had the option to also work elsewhere, like in the kennels, but I remember loving the cattery so much. I remember some of the individual cats that were there at the time. There was one named "Hudson" I think and each time I cleaned the pen he was in, he jumped on my back XD It surprised me the first time, but after that I just let him do that for a few minutes, it was quite funny.
There was a kitten named Rolo, who was actually the first cat that I met when I started on the first day. He was too young to be adopted out at the time and sadly I believe the rest of his litter got sick and died, I think. During the week, Rolo got sick with the same thing, but thankfully he pulled through and even got an adoption secured for him too for when he was old enough to be adopted out.
There was also "Lorry", a three-legged tabby cat that I really grew attached to in that week, I remember begging my parents if we could adopt Lorry, but of course they said no, which probably was for the best considering my allergy that I developed a year later. I really hope Lorry got a lovely home.

Anyways, the sanctuary seems to be in a bit of a financial bind at the moment. They SOULY run off fund-raising and donations so I thought I'd try and spread the word a little for them in the hopes that people can donate, or help me to spread the word. I've posted about it on my Twitter and my Tumblr (Choco-Orange-Arts one because I have the most followers on that account) so if any of you can re-tweet/re-blog, that'd be great :)

If anyone wishes to make a donation to them, they accept paypal which is on their website: http://www.thornberry-animal-sanctuary.org/
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