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I had a little mix around with my Tumblr's!

http://choco-orange-arts.tumblr.com/ - This used to be my personal one. The original "PDUTogepi" one which I have since renamed. So if you followed that one, this is the one you'll still be following. This is strictly a Tumblr for my Art and Photography now.

http://pdutogepi.tumblr.com/ - I reclaimed this Tumblr after I re-named my other one. This one will be for posting... everything else really. Re-blogs, random screenshots and musings, videos ect. will be posted in that one. I just didn't want to bog down my original Tumblr with stuff like that since I wanted to keep it mostly for art and stuff.

http://pokemontime.tumblr.com/ - Stays the same and isn't effected by any of this. I love running this Tumblr and I'm already up to Master Quest! Currently posting pictures from the Pudgy Pidgey episode :D

I did have screenshot Tumblrs specifically for MLP:FiM and Yugioh too, but they won't be updated anymore. Any screenshots I wish to post from those shows will now be posted on the PDUTogepi account. Less restrictive that way!

Other than that, I've started work on my exchange for poke_arts. Just wish my Tablet wasn't being such a pain. I think the drivers for it need updating, because ever since I installed XP Service Pack 3 every so often the computer will complain that the Tablet failed to work. I was, and still am, wanting to get a new updated tablet anyway. Maybe I'll get the one I want sometime around my birthday.
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