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The ending, the ending. Gotta admit it was pretty cool and Tagiru was pretty awesome, though it seemed kinda rushed to me. Maybe it'd make more sense with the sub, but the other leaders don't do a lot in this episode (Except be absorbed into the Brave Snatcher Tagiru has to use??) and after that, you see them stood with their Digimon and ... that's it really. I'm hoping the sub will explain what happened with them, were they just blown back into their own continuities?

Anyways, spoilers ahoy.

Ryouma was being controlled by Astamon, who turns out was actually Quartzmon.
Taiki throws Tagiru his goggles (Tagiru looses his own in an explosion) and it's up to Tagiru to use the Brave Snatcher, which as I said, the other leaders seem to be absorbed in, or their power is used for it.
Tagiru and Arresterdramon go head first into Quartzmon, which is trying to take OVER THE WORLD with DigiQuartz and they beat it up a bit with the Brave Snatcher, but Quartzmon starts to show the faces of the others in it's hands (since they've all been absorbed into it by that point) and is able to get one-up on Tagiru. They start being absorbed into Quartzmon as Tagiru and Arresterdramon talk, they then see a black box which I guess was Quartzmon's core. When they see that, Arresterdramon goes to Superior Mode and Tagiru DigiXroses him with the Brave Snatcher and yeah that eventually defeats Quartzmon, who becomes a digiegg in Tagiru's Xros Loader and the world goes back to normal.

In some kind of void, the entire group show up, all the hunters and the leaders and their Digimon, before a strong wind pulls the humans and Digimon apart. After that, you see Tagiru, Yuu and Taiki at the basketball court (Tagiru still has Taiki's goggles, I'm assuming he's completely inherited the things now XD), Tagiru is looking down at his Xros Loader when he sees something out of the corner of his eye and runs off to investigate. While he's gone, the old clock man approaches Yuu and Taiki and apparently the old clock man is actually Bagramon somehow? The old man leaves and we see Clockmon with him. When their attention goes to Tagiru, you see he's met back up with Gumdramon and then they all run off to .... Digimon hunt again?

Quite an open ending there.

Ahh, will admit, probably not the best Digimon ending. It's a shame because I think Digimon Hunters would of been an amazing series if it had been given the time to be developed more and it focused on developing more than JUST Tagiru and Gumdramon. I really like the idea of a Digimon "hunting" game and it having a reason behind it due to more sinister circumstances and yes, I adored the crossover idea, but I wish it had all been developed more.

That said, even if the season was kinda lackluster in all, it was still fun to watch.
Tagiru, even though he REALLY grated on my nerves at first, becomes a character that grows on you I think. I respect him for his enthusiasm at least XD

I wonder where Toei will take Digimon after this... obviously we probably won't be seeing another series for a while, but if/when they do another one, I wonder what they'll do.

Oh well, Hunters at least deserves thanks from me for reminding me how fun Digimon is :)

Oh! And the picture of Tagiru last week I believe was just an animation error. The tuft of hair that comes out from under the goggles is actually the red tuft.
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