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More Yu-Gi-Oh Sub Parody fun~!

Yes finally I get these uploaded!

Two new Yu-Gi-Oh sub parodies I did (*Which means, for people who might think they're real subs, no, they're fake, I don't understand Japanese at all, I just made up crazy text that went with the scene*)Now I have encoded these into WMV format since HPdigipokefan couldn't view my last two since they were in .rm format ^^

The first one is one I did like a week ago and the second one (*The media one*) was the infamous video that took out my harddrive for a while when I tried to encode it XD Please watch the "Drinking problem" one first and the "Media project" one after ^^


Anyway if you watch them tell me what you think! They probably suck a whole lot but I think they're funny XD;; Especially the Media one, I was suprised how well my fake parody subtitles went with the scene of Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi.

EDIT: Just adding another one of those still/motion icon thingys....this one more of a pain than the Ed one was to make....so many frames *_* Eventually I managed to cut the frames and slow them down to make it look right XD

YAY for Tsunade angst!
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