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So yes! Akari and Zenjirou FINALLY GET XROS LOADERS! About time! It's a shame the only get them in the second to last episode but at least they got them!

Photobucket Photobucket
...I wonder if it always looked like that to people watching from outside the evolutions. But Anyway, when the leaders show up, things just go absolutely insane and it's like... explosions and pure awesome everywhere! I also loved Zenjirous reaction to all of the evolutions.
Also Masaru punched a VenomMyotismon in the face and ended up knocking down THREE OF THEM like dominos. Masaru you... you're just so awesome.
Also Yamato and Ken show up :D

Also we get AMAZING TEAMUPS, except only in silhouettes but:

Justimon, Angemon and Angewomon (Meaning Ryou, Takeru and Hikari are working together)

We already knew about this team up. Lilymon and Sakuyamon (Mimi and Ruki)

Ankylomon and MagnaGarurumon (Iori and Kouji)

MegaGargomon and Blitzmon (Jenrya and Junpei)

Garudamon, along with Sora who is teamed up with Beelzemon!

This is my favourite team up! Aquillamon and Ravemon (Miyako and Ikuto!)

Joe and Gomamon, being... Joe and Gomamon really!

Gooood, this episode was so epic, yet felt so short. I kinda wish Hunters had focused completely on the crossover for the whole 25 episodes so we could see these team ups in more detail.

Anyways there was some kind of thing between Ryouma and Tagiru that Ryouma won, but then Ryouma turned against Taiki like we all knew he would and attacked him. So that's how Taiki is injured and taken out of the fight so Tagiru could replace him. Granted I was a little "eh..." about that at first, I prefer Taiki over Tagiru, but I dunno...

...Tagiru certainly starts to LOOK less goofy and more like a Digimon leader. Seems he's wearing Taiki's goggles in the next episode too.
Also, dunno if it's an animation error or not, but he doesn't have the red in his hair in that pic either.

Either way, so excited for last episode next week!! :D

(Also I apologize for any mix of dub and Japanese names. I'm so used to the dub names for Adventure, 02 and Tamers, but used to the Japanese names from Frontier onwards. But since I have more access to the Japanese versions than the dub versions these days, I'm trying to train myself out of the English names XD)
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