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So slowly but surely I'm trying to upload my photos from conventions, days out and various other things up onto my website. I've had the damn thing for nearly a year and it's still very much "under construction". I want to aim to try and get it up to scratch by May MCM Expo so that when I take someone's picture, I can give them a card and go "Hey, your picture will be there!", which will help in the cosplayers getting their photos and also give me a bit more interaction with people at the convention, rather than just awkwardly asking for a photo then disappearing.

I also need to put content on the first page and also fill out the "About" section. At some point. XD

I ended up getting a new lens for my camera this week. It's a telephoto lens and kind of the next step up from the lens my camera came with. Where the lens my camera came with has a 18-55mm zoom on it, the new one has a 55-250mm zoom, which I'm hoping will be much better for both wildlife/animal photos and possibly for photos during masquerades. I just have to be super careful with this new lens. I got it from Amazon.co.uk, that were fulfilling the order on behalf of another company (So the company pays Amazon to ship for them) the lens is perfectly fine, but the warranty for it was only valid in Japan :| I guess they imported it? I have no idea. I'm impressed with the zoom on it though! I was able to get a clear, close shot of the mangas on my bookshelf from across the other side of my bedroom.
Maybe it's not the kind of kit a super professional would use, but I'm still only doing this for a hobby and right now what I have is perfect. It's just learning the functions of the camera more in the manual modes.

I'm thinking, if I REALLY still have no clue by the middle of this year as to what I want to do, I may just take a digital photography course and see where that takes me. I have to stop thinking an epiphany is gonna hit me in deciding what I want to do with my life and just TRY things.

Though, despite being able to now work buses and that i am now free to visit the two local wildlife parks on my own, I still feel restricted in other areas, namely going to the more rural areas. I don't JUST want to take photos in wildlife parks, but of wildlife in...we...the wild, plus nice landscape areas. It's only because of the issue with my parents, especially my dad, being not very supportive of it. I haven't even mentioned the canal walk I want to do to them since I last brought it up, but of course my dad brought it up after I went to the Butterfly House, saying how HE was happy for me to go to those places on my own but not to places like the canal.
I'm having a birthday walk up at the Ladybower and Derwent dams in early May and he's happy for me to go to that because I'll be with friends, but I might not always have the option to have a friend with me when I want to go to such places.

I want to go to Clumber Park this year too. Again, I'm sure my dad would hate the idea of me going on my own, even if the actual park itself is probably fine as it's usually popular with walkers, cyclists and dog-walkers. Maybe I'll ask Tony and Caroline if they want to have a day out there one day in the summer.
I actually want to find a part of the lake my dad used to take me too. I think it was near the end of the lake and it had a piece of land in the middle which had a TON of herons on it. I know he used to take me more to that part of the lake rather than the main touristy part because it rarely had an attendant on going that way, so we avoided having to pay to get in :D;

Urgh, anyways, I'm rambling and I need to sleep since I have to be up early tomorrow.
Gonna be a long day tomorrow.
Infact it's going to be a very long weekend ;o; Gotta slog through work the best I caaaan, blah.
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