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So I think yesterday, my ability to travel just a bit further on my own expanded. I have mastered how to use buses, which for some reason, I was terrified of before, despite being fine with trains (Mostly). I think it's because I ride on trains all the time, but I very very VERY rarely ride on buses and the few times I have it's been with other people.

I was able to get to and from the Tropical Butterfly House yesterday, completely by myself. And although it's a bit lonesome sometimes not to have someone with me to talk to, it was nice to wander around of my own accord and go to all the talks and demonstrations that I wanted to. Thanks to this, I got to feed live mealworms to Meerkats, got to stroke a 3-week-old baby Meerkat that's currently being hand-reared (So soft!) and I also got to hold a snake for the first time too :D Oh and came face-to-face with their new Vulture. He's such a big and handsome fellow.
I do kinda wish I went today instead of yesterday though, since today is the nicer day (It was so cloudy and cold yesterday XD) but never mind, now I've mastered THE BUS I can go anytime I want.

Also going in the weekday was FABULOUS, since it meant it wasn't crowded at all! There were a few families with very young children and older people, but that was it. There was a very nice couple of ladies (Daughter and her elderly mother I think) who went to almost all the same things I did XD Also one of the staff gave me some nice photography tips, especially one about putting my camera under the drier for a about 20 or so seconds to dry up the mist on the lens quicker in the Butterfly House. It was still misted up inside a bit, but that cleared pretty quickly.

Also, after thinking there was no easy way to get to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park that's near Doncaster, I've since found a bus today (Two actually!) that stop very close to it. It's just a 15 minute or so walk away after that.
BEST EVER. I'm planning to go there possibly after Easter. Apparently they're getting Leopards sometime around then :)

Guys, guys, I CAN GO TO THESE PLACES WHEN I WANT NOW, omg ;o; Best feeling.
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