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So, the left side of my mouth, right where my wisdom tooth is, has been quite irritated since about Wednesday. I can't really tell if it's the side of my mouth or my actual tooth causing the problem, but it is beyond annoying. I keep putting bonjela on it and after looking up mouthwashes, I've decided to try the salt in warm water trick in the hopes that'll help it. I'd rather not resort to actual mouthwashes yet since I know they can taste nasty. I'd rather have the salt water. If it's not showing signs of improvement by next Wednesday, it's dentist time, urgh :(
Not sure why it's gotten infected, but I did switch over to a brand new toothbrush this past week or so, maybe that caught the gum, I dunno. Might go back to using my old toothbrush until I get this sorted.

So I gotta admit, out of all the Digimon series', I think the Xros Wars series has been the hardest for me to fully get into. I enjoyed what I watched of it, but didn't really feel the "must watch every week" pull the other series' had. I watched about half of Xros Wars, stopped watching for a while, then just... didn't pick it up again for some reason. So I missed the majority of the stuff with Yuu, though I've been clued in to the basic idea of what happened.
With Young Hunters, since it's subbed on Crunchyroll, it's making keeping up with it a little easier than having to find subs to download and crap, but again I wasn't really super into it. It's cute and fun but still just didn't have that pull.

Then they go and pull a super duper crossover. OMG.
If there is one thing I absolutely love more than anything, it's a CROSSOVER and I think a crossover of ALL the Digimon series' is like a total dream come true for me.
Taichi, Daisuke, Takato, Takuya, Masaru, Taiki and Tagiru all in ONE show. I am SO excited for this I could explode!! It sounds like the other five leaders have a big role in the plot too, so I'm hoping so much that they have some really good interaction with each other and with Taiki/Tagiru as well. Not to mention their Digimon and how they'll interact with each other!

Heeee, looking forward to seeing what Young Hunters has in store!
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