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So this past week, my mum has been trying to contact a few private therapists in the area. The two we tried, they wouldn't answer their phones, so my mum, despite not liking the idea of it, left an answerphone message to the second one we tried to get in contact with. Thankfully she phoned my mum back that same day and I have a consultation with this lady on Wednesday to see if she can help me or not. I'm pretty nervous about it, but I'm really hoping this helps me.

On another note, I spent most of the afternoon/evening tidying my room a little. My small Lion King collection is now too big for the top of my bookcase, so I moved the collection to where the ponies are :)


If you click on the picture, it'll give you a much bigger version!
The only part of my Lion King collection that's not in the photo is a pillow I have :)
Also, I need to figure out what styles I want to do for Twinkleshine and Feathermay's hair, they're the only two who's hair I haven't styled yet! XD
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