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DUDE! The CG-ness of it all....

FMA episode 43 was pretty damn cool! My first impression on Hohenheim is that if he DOES have anything to do with the Homunculus he definintly doesn't act that way, I was expecting him to be uber evil when really he just stands around scratching his head and acting all chilled out XD

There's a new version of Al's speech at the begining, Al's voice is done a bit more deeper than on the last speech and now a fire doesn't engulf the picture instead the picture changes to present day Ed and Al which then turns to a proper scene. Has slightly different music to the speech now aswell.

There was a moment where Ed and Al are in the desert and while Al is franticlly talking to an already slightly pissed Ed, Ed turns around and when he makes contact with Al the Philosopher's Stone kind of activates and both see a brief flash of the "Truth" including what looked like to be the sillouhete of Al's body!

Homunculus wise we see Lust stuck to a wall via spikes with one directly through her Homunculous symbol thingy (*Forgets how to spell it*) The way Gluttony looks up at her with such a worried expression on his face is kinda cute...y'know when he's not eating people or various other things his personality is quite cute, he's such a child.
Talking of Homunculus where the HELL is Envy? He's just up and dissapeared, he hasn't been in an episode for a while now O_O;;

Oh and Saiyaman left the Japanese Ad's in again...
....Japanese McDonald's ads are just as scary as the English ones...I want the Hamtaro happy meal toys they were advertising though....
I also want the FMA game the advertise, it's one of those fighting games X3 Like Digimon Rmble Arena... I hope they bring it out in English sometime....if so I'm gonna have to get a playstation 2 O_O

FMA images:

New picture in the new version of Al's speech

It's Al everyone O_O

Pride, Gluttony and Sloth

I feel sorry for Lust here ;_;

And finally....HOHENHEIM!!!

Then we get onto Naruto episode 93 ^^ It begins with Tsunade angsting a whooooole lot and when it cut to showing Orochimaru I could just imagine him thinking "Man is she EVER gonna shut up?" XD Then Tsunade goes all super bitch on them YAY! The fight between Kabuto and Tsunade is totally awesome X3 Pretty much all that needs mentioning.

Also I must say...
...OMG! I just watched the trailer for the CG Digimon movie and it's looks so AWESOME, especially animation wise *________* It begins with Dorumon running from Leomon, Leomon catchs up to him and then speaks (*There's no voice only Japanese subtitles*) then shows various other scenes from the movie, like of Dorumon, Blossommon and Andromon aswell as a scene with Mushroomon throwing mushrooms X3 Eeeeee! *Fangirls*

I was gonna take screenshots of it for PDU but seems like they wish for the video not to be used in anyway....not sure if that includes screenshots...maybe I'll just link to the page for people to download...a shame a lot of people don't know how to work BT O_O
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