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Numbers Hunting in the Digital World~

Gosh, I just had the weirdest Digimon Xros Wars/Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/Zexal dream hdgfhgsgj

I can't really remember how it started out, but I remember Asuka being in trouble from someone/thing, but Juudai saves her... somehow and he gains a Numbers card from this person for defeating him and he's all happy that he's collected another one. Asuka is very usually perky happy to see Juudai and hugs him, I get the feeling they hadn't seen each other for a while or she was lost and glad she found him. Juudai gets out of the hug, blushing like mad, taking "oh, it was nothing" approach. Then it's revealed that Rei is with Juudai too, Asuka and Rei glare at each other, before Asuka just pulls HER into a hug too because she's glad to see her, but accidentally smushes her face in her chest, because Rei is small.
Yeaaaaah, I dunno XD

The next part the three of them are stood on some cliff or something with a bunch of other people, facing off against a huge collection of monsters on a cliff on the other side. The monsters seemed to be mocking the group about the Numbers, I guess assuming they didn't have many. Juudai holds up a bunch of cards that are apparently Numbers cards (Even though they were not black in colour, but brown) and counts through them with a real cocky smile on his face. Turns out he has 12 of them. That surprises/pisses off these monsters, so they ask if all these people have Digivices. Juudai excitedly replies that he has one, holding up a Digivice that I seem to think was "an old digivice" but I don't remember it being in any certain style. It starts to glow and Juudai drops it, he then picks it up to find it's turned into a "new" Digivice, which isn't a Xros Loader but a weird looking version of the iC Digivice. It's coloured Dark Grey and a purpley sort of Grey... and I think there was a bit of orange outlined on it to. Then Akari (From Xros Wars) holds her "new" Digivice up too (Which is around the same colour as Juudai's, it just has purple flowers decorated on it) and says she has one too. I seems to be watching this whole thing as if it was a regular episode of something, so I wonder when the hell Akari got a Digivice.
Anyway, part of the cliff crumbles away and those holding Digivices are taken with it, leaving Asuka, Rei and a few other people behind. Rei wanted to go with them!

After that, they spot some Digimon and Juudai recognizes one and goes to talk to it, except it isn't the one he thought it was, but is told that Digimon (Which is of the same species) is nearby, so Juudai goes to talk to that... then I remember the group getting caught and thrown into cages in the back of a truck and it seems to be Juudai's fault and some girl on the team who isn't anyone in particular starts to lose faith in him and doesn't want to talk to him. Juudai promises that he'll get them out of there, which seems to be to bang on the windows of the truck to shout help, or write a message of help on a piece of paper and hold it up to the window.
They pass some guy really slowly, and they bang on the window and shout for help and the guy is all "I'll save you!!" and runs off to save them and... it was around here I started waking up, but I'm pretty sure he saved them.

So pretty much it was like some Digimon/Numbers hunting thing. I wanted to screencap a bunch of stuff from this episode in the dream, but it's not real :(

It was better than the dream I had yesterday, where I dreamed work put me on the self-service tills (Despite not being trained so I had no idea what I was doing) and I started to panic :( Not exactly the type of dream I wanted when I was at work soon anyway!!
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