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Man, I have bought so many ponies this week XD I found out that my local Tesco now stocks the single brushable ponies and they actually had WAVE 4 in, as well as wave 3. So I bought the full wave 4 set for myself + Dewdrop Dazzle and Lulu Luck. I also got the last two remaining wave 4 ponies (Feathermay and Snowcatcher) for miss_fuu_chan today. Now there are only three ponies left on the shelf; Sugarcup, Applejack and Rainbow Dash (who was right at the back, so I moved her forward today in the hopes someone would buy her :D)
But seriously, wave 4, so far I haven't seen anyone else mention that they've seen this wave in their Tesco's yet, which surprises me. My store doesn't have anything pony in for months and then they suddenly get in ponies that haven't been spotted anywhere else in the UK yet.

So far I've only styled Plumsweet, who looks really awesome with the hairstyle I've given her, now I gotta figure out what to do with the rest of them XD

I also decided to buy Pokémon HeartGold from work today. They're selling HG and SS off at £14 which is an absolute steal for those games, considering they're £30-£40 elsewhere. Even the used versions in game stores were about that price. Also I get discount, so I got it for £12.60 :D Might start playing that later! Think I'm gonna start with Cyndaquil this time.

Also, there gonna release canvas starters in the Pokémon Centers in Japan in November! Gosh, so excited!! Doesn't look like they're including the unova starters... unless they're just not advertising them (They've done that before many times) but they're releasing the other gen starters. I already have the Johto and Sinnoh canvas starters from the older releases, so I'm not gonna get them, but the Kanto and Hoenn ones are new.
I know where my money is going next month then!! XD
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