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Haven't really written here much, not a lot to talk about and I've been feeling rather distracted from everything for.... no real reason.
My dad and I might (and I really mean *might* since my dad promising to do something isn't very reliable sometimes) be going to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park this coming Thursday, so I might get some nice photos of Lions and such there :) I've been trying to practice a little on taking photos with the manual settings on my camera, but... so many numbers. I kinda wish I'd find the courage to go to the digital photography course the college holds every year, but since it takes place outside of my town, I'm too much of a wimp to go. I really would like to learn how to use that camera to it's full potential.

I also MAY of convinced my dad to take me to the Tesco Extra store in Doncaster on the way home. I know wave 3 ponies have been appearing in Tesco Extra stores, so I want to check that one and see if they have Dewdrop Dazzle and Lulu Luck which are the two I still need from that wave.
I just wish we had a Tesco Extra store that was closer and easier to get to. Currently Doncaster is the closest one to us. Apparently they're building one in Sheffield which is due to open in November, but that'd be quite a walk to get to I think, but I'd at least know the way, since I think it's in the direction the space center is, just on the other side of the wicker arches, I think? Hmm..
It's just frustrating having to bother my dad with this stuff, since I'm PRETTY sure he's tired of me talking about ponies and I think he's a tad embarrassed I'm buying them too. He's just one of these people who thinks cartoons are just for kids and that it's stupid for someone my age to be buying toys and such. Blah.

Though we have started getting in some pony toys at work, but so far it's just the mane 6 brushables and the talking Celestia.
Will admit... when I spotted them at work yesterday, I felt really happy to see them XD

Talking of ponies, I absolutely loved the first two episodes of season 2!! Too bad there's gonna be a small gap before the rest of the season, but I doubt the wait will that long.
Haha, I feel so bad that lately I've just been PONY PONY PONY to everyone, but it's fun to be excited over a new-ish fandom.

Ah well gonna go watch Doctor Who now!
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