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So, no ponies at work. Though it looks like they're clearing off the area we had all the school supplies, so we may still get ponies in, but chances are that space will be full of Halloween stuff soon.

BUT by the sounds of it, they're starting to appear in major toys shops like Toys R Us and The Entertainer... FINALLY! Haaa, I want to go to Meadowhall at some point and go pony hunting!!
It's terrible how excited these toys are making me XD But I love them! And I love the challenge of trying to style them so each have a different look.
So I've heard, the brushables are only £4.99 in Toys R Us, which is MUCH better than the £6.99 Tesco apparently had them at.

Talking of work, once I get to talk to the checkout manager, I'm planning to ask her if I can have a go at the online side of the store and maybe even the clothing or GM section. Just to see what a full shift at both involves and such... though I'm unsure about online. I bet it's really fast paced and you have to have things picked and ready in a certain set time. I suck at that.
Clothing/GM was suggested to me because it's more in the quiet area of the store... but I dunno. There's so many if's and but's and things I'm so scared of, it holds me back. GM has it's own phone, you have to talk on the phone if your department is called... I hate phones.

I need to find a good time to start moving towards finding private therapy too. The last doctor I saw gave me an e-mail address for a place in town that might be able to help me find one, but private therapy costs and right now I'm trying to save a little for the hotel in London for Expo. I can afford it, but I prefer saving money for it anyway. I guess I'll make the move to find a therapist after that, since my next big con won't be until May.
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