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The Principle of Equivalent Trade?

Yes everyone my computer is all back in working order *Punches air* Thanks to a certian brother of mine ^^;;

Although in the process I lost a working Windows Media Player and my dad somehow lost his internet connection...
...equivalent trade maybe? XD
Least no one lost any limbs :p

So an explanation to what happened. Seems like when saving my video I hit a bad sector on my harddrive causing it to not boot up proparly. So my brother popped my harddrive in my dad's computer and ran scan disk, which fixed the error on it. Although WHILE it was doing scan disk my brother tried to boot up the internet cos he's an ass but it wouldn't work, I throught it was just cos of the scan disk but seems like it now won't work at all ^^; Now my dad is really pissed off as he's tried everything to get it to work and nothing is working.

As for my computer I happily deleted some stuff from my computer (*Lotsa episodes and stuff*) and finally sucessfully created my parody Yu-Gi-Oh fansub...but when I went to play it Windows Media Player complained that it had an unknown error and wouldn't play the video, it's the same result for all the WMV videos I have on my computer....
....ooops O_O
So at some point I may have to re-download and reinstall Windows Media Player.

By the way here is something I drew just before work yesterday:
It's a ninja Envy picking on a Ninja Ed by grabbing his hair XD Envy would make a cool ninja and he can already do the Henge no Justu without any hand seals or anything :p Hehehehe!
And I think I actually made Gluttony look really cute with that lop-sided ninja headband on his head *lol*
Kai and Bakura are getting a good look up Envy's skirt... I only noticed that today XD

Right gotta update PDU now X3

Oh forgot to put this in:

Regular Yu-Gi-Oh Fan

What Kind of Yu-Gi-Oh Fan are You? (includes pictures!)
brought to you by Quizilla

w00t! I'm regular!
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