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Sooo, haven't really updated in a while!
Ayacon was super fun! Will hopefully be doing a write-up about that soon. Photos are already up on my site.

I got an external DVD writer and it works like a charm! I then ended up getting some DVD-RW's to write on (I usually get DVD+RW's but Tesco were sold out of those) and I wrote on one today, but for some reason my computer won't read it. My external writer does, but neither my internal writer or DVD drive on my computer will. Urgh, which means I wasted a lot of money on disks that won't work. I'm sure my original internal writer did both but...eh... maybe I'll see if my brother has a use for them. I'll get some more DVD+RW's tomorrow.

Also, apparently MLP:FiM toys are now showing up in Sainsbury's stores! I have no idea if my store has them or not, I rarely get to go anywhere near the toys when I'm working, but my dad and I should be going shopping tomorrow, so I'll check then. I'm betting we don't get them in or something stupid, hell, our Tesco's never got them in >:| But I'd love to be able to get the last three of the main six I need (Pinkie, Rainbow and Applejack) while they're £3.99 and while I have 15% staff discount on :D Guess we'll see tomorrow if they have them.

I managed to get the Apple Bloom/Sweetie Belle set through Tesco Direct. I'm at a loss on how to curl Sweetie Belle's hair now I've cut it though. So fiddly!!

Yeaaah, pretty sure I can class myself as a pony collector now. At least for the G4's XD
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