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My blog about the Manchester Expo is up, as part of the Team Times blog! there's another entry about the event by another member of the team up as well :) We'll also be blogging about all kind of different things! Other than events, I'm gonna be trying to do blogs about different animated shows, both Japanese anime and western cartoons.
We've actually been going for almost a year now, though we're currently updating to a different format of blogging, using just one blog instead of individual ones, so it's easier for Tony to update!

Also, photos from the event are now up on my Flickr account too! Though I just found out that Flickr sucks big time and free accounts only display the first 200 pictures you upload, older ones vanish but apparently they claim they aren't deleted, but I can't find them anywhere on my photostream now so yeah, time to stop being lazy and get my photos up onto my website I think!!
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