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Haven't really updated in a while! Haven't really had much to talk about, but also was really busy these past couple of weeks anyway, since I had a friend coming up to visit and needed to tidy up.
The visit was awesome though and my friend and I had a lot of fun :)

Been having a crazy amount of dreams lately. Yesterday was some sort of "disaster" theme running through them. The first one I spotted a tornado and me and someone else in the dream somehow managed to out-run it and got out of it's path. We went into a house (In the middle of a field?) and I could see all these dark clouds in the sky with lightning coming from them. I wondered if we were safe, but we were apparently!) The second dream I was in a place that was about to explode @_@ It was like a powerplant or something.
Last night's dream (Or maybe more this morning, I as in an out of sleep all morning until about... midday.) I was at the old church in my town with like... a number of the cast/people from TGWTG. I think the dream was kinda based on the Suburban Knights thing they did, since some of the people were in the costumes they wore for that. They were filming for another anniversary and guess they were going for a horror film like thing because I remember saying that the church was apparently the scariest place I knew (It's not really, it's old and rumored to be haunted, but it's not really super scary). I remember at one point, a few people came out of the church and we asked if we could film in the graveyard, but when we did we got attacked by some kind of shadowy black thing. That's how it ended.
I also remember being in the park across the road at one part and they'd changed it so much and filled in the river for some reason :(
Dreams are so weird.

Oh! If anyone on my f-list here had my old kawaiihamster hotmail account on their MSN Messanger and have been getting spam mail from that account, I apologize!! I have no idea who or what has gotten into the account, but it's been sending spam out to my contacts. I attempted to delete the account a few weeks ago, but it didn't work. So today I deleted all my contacts, changed the password and then requested deletion again. HOPEFULLY no one will get spam from that account from now on.
I don't even know how something even got into that account. I barely used it as it is. Weird.
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