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Guess what?

Togepi has busted her computer!!!

Yes last night I was encoding a video I was doing (*A little Yu-Gi-Oh sub parody which got to be quite insane after a while XD*) and while encoding it my computer reset, I tried again and it reset again and now my computer won't even load up, it just gets to the part where my desktop would usually load up and but it resets again :p

I'm actually not all that suprised about it, I was expecting it to do something like this as it's been running slow recently and I did have that problem with Photoshop XD;;

So yes I won't be able to do very much currently as all my files are on that computer, plus my computer it the only one with a printer and scanner ^^;

Hopefully I'll be able to find a solution to this problem ^^; Not sure what the problem is yet though O_o;
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