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Bad things always come in Threes....

...look at the title...I have learned that today...

First Lycos, then my Ipod, then low behold today I come out of work to hear these wonderful words come out of my dear father's mouth:
" Please tell me your computer wasn't working right last night"
Yes my friends, dear daddy decided today that after *I* had decided last night not to register my new TV Card cos it was too much hassle to get the seriel number off the card itself while in the computer he goes and thinks I HAVE to register it or it won't work after a while and so he goes into MY computer with out MY premission while I'M at work gets the seriel number off the damn card and somehow destroys my sound card! Or at least that's what we think...
...my brother says he's gonna have a look at it later... -_-;; Whatever...

Anyway i have sound now cos I'm hooked up to some sound thing on my mother board? or something....my intrest in what my dad was yapping on about kinda went out the window when he insisted on trying to fix it, i was just too scared he would damage something else >_<

ANd I'm hungry too and there's like NO choclate or anything to snack on in the house >_< GAH! This BETTER be the end of my bad luck cos honestly this is just too much >_
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