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So, I'm not due back at work until the middle of next week. Of course, originally I was gonna go to the London Expo, but yeah, knee XD This means I have a massive load of free time. The only day I'm doing anything is Sunday, when I'm going to see Studio Ghibli's "Arrietty". Though, on Saturday my dad and I maybe going down to the Orange shop in town to ask about getting my phone number transferred to the SIM on my dad's old phone. I was told that we could just put my current SIM in the phone, but no, the SIM is too old to work in it right.

So other things I really should do this week? Probably clean my room a tad, organize the collection room a bit (I wish my dad would stop dumping stuff in there... both my old computer chair and old monitor are still in there cos he hasn't gotten rid of them >>) I've already re-styled my newest three ponies, more for Daisy Dreams and Lily Blossom, but I think Lily Blossom needs re-doing a third time, just to get her hair a little less messy XD Dunno what Daisy will turn out like, will see tomorrow. I have another two ponies on the way too (Cupcake/Sugarcup and Blossomforth) so will do their hair when they come. I've been looking up all sorts of tutorials for styling pony hair XD
Other than that, need to do washing, make sure I keep doing leg exercises (Been lazy with that when I shouldn't be :( ) and post some download links to all the Pokémon screenshots I've been working on XD Oh, and maybe update my site with collection stuff.

OH! I went to the Physio the other day and they've pretty much said they've done all they can for my knee and to keep doing the exercises. I don't need to see them again unless there's a problem or my knee doesn't improve anymore. Just got my follow-up appointment with the fracture doctor next week and I should be completely free from hospital visits from then on!!
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