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So I'm going back to work on Thursday, gonna work a few short shifts and see how I do.

Apparently, Studio Ghibli's "Arrietty" is premiering at the Sheffield Showroom on the 29th of May! Japanese with subs~ I've been wanting to see this movie for ages, it just looks so pretty *_* And it's only £2 per ticket to see it!! Best ever!
Since I'm not going to the London Expo (And since also 1. I can't do anything for my birthday tomorrow and 2. Can't see the Yu-Gi-Oh movie because it's too far) I decided to go and see this as a treat for such a sucky month. Hopefully by then my leg won't be bad at all and will be able to manage an evening out in Sheffield.

The trains are looking kinda crappy though! I can get there alright, but I have about just over an hour's wait wait until the next train home after the movie XD Ah well. Hopefully there won't be any cancellations, cos that would suck big time.
Very excited to see this movie though!! At least it's something for me to look forward to.

I also got a new monitor for my computer yesterday. It also doubles as a TV! Well, it can do, I currently have no TV signal going to it. The old monitor's problem of not showing a picture until 10-15 minutes after it's been switched on was getting worse, so I really needed a new one.

Wheee~ Tis my birthday tomorrow! I wish I was doing something for it, rather than being sat in the house, but oh well. Well, I have a birthday card and letter to send out to a friend of mine, so at least there's that. Might go for a little walk after that to see how my leg is.
Helen's mum brought round the presents Helen has got me a little while ago :) Not gonna open them until tomorrow, but yaaay presents!!

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