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So I went to Physio today and the physio guy seemed happy at the motion I have in my leg now and spent some of the session trying to get me to walk properly (Which I thought I was, but apparently not!) He allowed me to return the crutches as I can walk without them (And I hated using them anyway, I can walk faster without them!!) and I'm seeing him again in 2 weeks time, he thinks I'll be okay by then. Though he said the swelling may take months to go down, urgh.
My birthday is in a weeks time, it's gonna be kinda sucky as I'd love to actually go somewhere and DO something for it but the chance of that happening is pretty low. Apparently the Forbidden Planet in Sheffield is having another manga night on the 2nd, but again, probably won't be able to go.

I may try taking some short walks around my neighbourhood a little this week, just to see how I do.

Also I just spent the last half an hour or so looking up ebay listings for friendship is magic pony toys... and how to go about styling their hair, haha, I'm suddenly 8 again.
I really want a Fluttershy, though I gotta admit, I'm pretty drawn to the one named Lily Blossom too... probably because her box art is so pretty XD
Eh, there's a few listings I'm keeping my eye on. I just want pony toys!

Oh well, sleepy times.

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