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So I guess I'm overdue an update here about my knee.

I got my cast taken off today and my knee is still sort of a mess. It's still kinda swollen (You can see bruising now too) and because my leg has been in a cast for two weeks, my leg is now very weak because I've lost a lot of muscle mass due to not being able to use my leg. The physio guy I saw today also said my kneecap still feels very loose.
My leg is now in a support bandage which I need to keep on during the day and the physio guy gave me a bunch of exercises I really need to do to get some movement back into my leg. I'm due to go back to him next week. I don't see the fracture doctor for another six weeks.

Though thanks to this and how bad my leg still is, I had to make the decision not to go to the London Expo, because I honestly don't know what state my leg will be in by then. It's better for Tony if I say I'm not going for sure now, rather than linger on and see how I do. But really, I think it's for the best I don't go.
This also means I'll probably won't be able to do ANYTHING for my birthday either, which is in two weeks ;o; Just great.

Also, work... specifically the HR department... are moaning about the sick note the doctor gave me today. He ticked the bit that said I MIGHT be able to go back to work with like limited hours ect. but the impression I got from the hospital was that it didn't mean I HAD to go back for sure and was up to where I work to decide whether I should or should not. I talked to the checkout manager and another lady who works on there who also is sort of like... the next in charge of our dept. and they both agreed I should stay off for at least another few weeks then see where to go from there... but apparently HR has decided that no, the note says I can go back so I should go back. Urgh... so now I have to see if I can get the hospital to do another sick note for me. Luckily my cousin works down there and my dad went down to see her and she said she'd pass on the message, but we won't know until tomorrow afternoon if they can do another note for me or not though.
Why can't anything be straight-forward.

So yeah, feeling like crap.

But I guess on the up-side, I ordered myself the three new Pokédolls that just came out over in Japan (Audino, Foongus and Chiccino) which are all very very adorable.

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