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Well, Today sure was an Adventure

So yeah, today I went to Sheffield with plans of hanging out with Tony and the others and going to the Forbidden Planet manga night. Safe to say I didn't make it as far as the train station ^^; While Tony, Sam, Sammy and I were talking in the train station, I happened to step a little to the right, mostly just idly moving around. As soon as I did though, my right kneecap popped outta place and I tumbled to the floor like a house of cards in a hell of a lot of pain. This isn't the first time this kneecap has done this, it did it once before about 4-5 years ago, but not as bad and I managed to pop it back in, but this time I could tell that it wasn't gonna go back without help, so I asked for an ambulance to be called, which Sam called for me :)

The paramedic came first and just took my details. I explained what happened and she explained the whole air and gas thing they were gonna give me. Once the ambulance people arrived, they told me to breathe in the air and gas deeply which kinda temporarily made me really woozy XD Apparently this relaxed my muscles and they were able to straighten out my leg, which luckily made the kneecap pop back into place. Thanks to that air and gas, I was too out of it to really notice much pain when they did that XD After this, we all got an ambulance ride to the hospital. Once there, after waiting a bit and my dad turning up, they took me into the back to get looked at and the doctor made me lift and bend my leg. It was painful, but I could do it, they then sent me to get it x-rayed and after that the doctor asked me to try and walk on my leg and I could with a bit of limping involved.
The doctor said they were gonna try and make an appointment at my local hospital for the fracture clinic there, but in the end they couldn't do it, I had to go there in person and give them the papers. So my dad picked me up and we drove straight back home and to the hospital there.

Oh god, SO much waiting around XD I ended up seeing three people (The nurse, the doctor and the guy who bandaged my leg) The doctor was pretty vigorous with my leg ;o; And all the sitting, standing and walking (rinse, wash, repeat) didn't seem to be doing wonders for my knee at all. I've got an appointment there tomorrow so I guess we'll see what they say. I think I'll bring a drawing pad tomorrow, in case of more endless waiting.

That said, the paramedic and ambulance crew and all the other medical staff that saw to me were lovely (And also the staff at the Sheffield Train Station!). Also huge thanks go out to Tony, Sam and Sammy for coming to the hospital with me and for keeping my spirits high. The whole situation didn't feel as scary as it could of felt if I didn't have them there to keep me positive and make me laugh! :)

Now to go play some Pokémon, rest my leg and then try and get some sleep. I really hope my leg feels a little better tomorrow, at the moment it's become difficult to walk on @_@
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