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So a little story.

While on the train going to Sheffield today, Tony was showing me the collection of Japanese Pokémon he'd gotten off the GTS. I mentioned that so far, I've only done one trade over that (I put up a Cottonee, named Max, for a Petilil) and that the Pokémon I got back wasn't from Japan, or didn't seem to be.
Tony asked where it had come from, so I checked the globe. I was searching all around and couldn't find a location, so I assumed the person hadn't put one. But then I checked Japan and there it was. The person who traded it to me was from Miyagi. I'd uploaded the Pokémon after the quake and tsunami.
Thing is, I was inspired by a tumblr post, where someone got a Pokémon from Japan over the GTS which was carrying mail mentioning the earthquake, so I decided to attach a mail to the Cottonee, a hopefully positive sounding mail, partly in case someone from the area traded for it. The mail was something about happiness being important... it's REALLY hard to make messages that make sense with those pre-set sentences and words D|

I really do hope that somehow, that mail made a fellow Pokémon fan from that area smile.

I kinda want to keep uploading Pokémon with positive and nice mail messages for whoever trades for them, no matter where they are in the world. I know I've kept every mail I ever got over the course of my Pearl game.
Just wish it wasn't so hard to construct the sentences.

Anyway, today was a lot of fun :) We had an awesome meal in Pizza Hut (Well half of us did!) and for the last hour or so we hung out at Patriot Games and me, Tony and Janet were just messing around playing with the C-Gear on our games XD

Also got volume 6 of the GX manga, it had E-Hero The Shining as the free card <3 YAY E-HERO!

Apparently the Forbidden Planet in Sheffield is doing another manga night on the 4th of April and I'm actually FREE that day! YAY! So we're planning to also get together with some people earlier in the day and have a Pokémon meet to play our games together before hand XD Gonna be so much fun!
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