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Birmingham B/W Event

So the Black and White tour was fun! We mostly just hung around playing the games, as were most people, but the attendants/staff there were really awesome :) They were friendly and were getting involved with people, asking people where they were in the game and what level our Pokémon were at, also making sure everyone had downloaded the event for Victini. There were a lot of people there! Kids with their parents, teens and young adults and even some older adults! They had an "expert" there that you could challenge but... he had LV 100 Pokémon, hahaha.
They also had the Snivy there, which I took a lot of pictures and videos of XD I have a picture of me standing with it too!

Also, while there, it became very apparent how wide spread the rumour that these tours were getting merchandise had become. One of the first attendants we talked to did ask us if we'd heard of it, to which I did say that I had read it on Bulbanews (But took it with a grain of salt) and he of course advised us that Nintendo's site is really the only one to believe and such and I got the impression that because of the disappointment of people with there being no merch there, is why they've decided to hand out free T-Shirts (Which I got one of!)
Vande and I were approached by one woman and a small boy and they mentioned they had heard there was going to be merch there, I later overheard one of the attendants telling the boy that if he wanted more events and things like the merch and what they get in the US and Japan, is to generally let "them" (Assuming that is Nintendo UK) know about it... which I guess wouldn't be too bad of an idea. If enough people stood up and said "We want more events and merch like they get in the US" maybe they'll listen. I kinda regret not speaking up when I heard her talking to the boy and asked her for more details. Nintendo UK do have a bunch of e-mail addresses on their site though... I guess it would go through either the marketing or PR e-mail? Hmm...
Another attendant also asked the boy to point something out to him in a Pokémon World magazine and I glanced over when he found the page and it was a page about the events, so whether they also reported that there would be merch, I don't know...

Anyway we travelled back to Sheffield, but I'd just missed the train that would of taken me back to Worksop and I thought I would of had an hour wait for the next one, but luckily I noticed that another train that was leaving at 4pm was also stopping at Worksop, so I thankfully got home sooner than I thought I would XD

Once I got home, I made a video about today (After a zillion re-takes, I am not good in-front of a camera!) just talking about the event and also my thoughts on the merch issue and how I feel Nintendo UK should really think of bringing things like Pokémon Center plush over here to events and such.

Talking of videos, does anyone have any suggestions for programmes that can edit HD videos? My newest camera does HD video but because of that, it won't work in any of my current video editing software (Which is very out of date anyway XD) So any suggestions? Possibly things that aren't insanely expensive? XD
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