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Go on Yugi! Show everyone that cuteness RULES!

Yes episode 215 of Yugioh certinly was intresting, it marked the beining of the Yami Bakura/Little Yugi duel and Yugi sure had some awesome moves, showing Bakura that cuteness means BUISNESS DAMNIT! (*This is why I always try and play Pokemon games with the most cuteest Pokémon I can find cos cuteness can kick butt too*)

And there was something about Yami Bakura getting bitten by a vicious giant marshmellow which I found hillarious X3

Yes Bakura had some very screenshot worth scenes:


Whahahaha! I want to take over ze world!!!

Oh and the priests had the guards try and fend off Zork (*Who is a giant monster who likes to go "Raaaawargauhararuuughawwr...." a lot*) with...sticks and stones... okay so they were pointy wooden stakes and boulders but to compared to him....they were sticks and stones ^^; Greeeeat stratagy...

Then Yami Bakura tried to fry Atemu but Priest Shaadi got in the way and that's how he dies...
...me wonders if they'll be any priests left by the end of the show O_o;

Exodia is in the next episode! Yipieeee!

Gotta go, I promised to look after the chairty shop this afternoon ^^;
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