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Interesting! They've added a few bonuses to the UK Black and White tour and while it's not much, at least it's SOMETHING. Apparently the first 20 people to attend get a free T-Shirt!! The first 20 people doesn't sound like a lot though... I'm unsure if Vande and I will get there early enough for that (Not sure when the tour itself starts, I assume at 9am, as that's when the Bullring opens) We'll be getting to the Birmingham New Street station at 9:29... so maybe! Guess we'll see.
The other bonus is that there's going to be a "Pokémon Expert" there, that you can challenge. I've never been good at battling real people, so I'm sure any battles I get challenged too, I'll lose miserably! XD

Now, I'm not sure which plush to take to the event! I gotta admit, I'm hugely tempted to take talky Miju, though I'm not sure because... well he was expensive XD; Buuut I'm sure he'd gain a lot of attention, haha XD It's either that or my Dewott plush, or my new talking Togepi (If I get batteries for it.) Guess I could take one of my BW Pokédolls instead too... Munna, Minccino, Axew... Zorua or Zoroark... gosh so many choices!!

Talking of B&W, I haven't really mentioned how my game is going here! Currently I have 4 badges and I'm training for the 5th gym.
My current team is:

Sherlock (Dewott: LV 33)
Rasca (Rufflet: LV 32)
Ccarayhua (Scraggy: LV 32)
Uru (Joltik: LV 33)
Excalibur (Servine: LV 32)
Mystique (Litwick: LV 32)

And yes, three of them are named after Earthbound Gods! :D Granted I think Wiraqocha Rasca would of fit the Vulture Pokémon, or Sigilyph (Since that IS based on the Condor Nazca line) better buuut, yeah XD I eventually want a team's worth of Pokémon with Earthbound God names though! :D

And I've been rotating my team around a bit, so I also have Tilly (Stoutland: LV 32). I'm thinking of picking up an Axew once I get surf too and add it to the rotation.

And thaaat's about it. I need to go and get a sandwich from Cooplands now, so I actually have something to eat on my break at work, since I have crap all to make a sandwich out of at home and the vending machines at work have been absolutely USELESS this past week. The vending machines that usually have the sandwiches and things haven't even been working and have been empty :|
At least I'm off tomorrow and have the BW tour on Saturday!

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