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Oh man, apparently the UK Black and White tour sucks even worse than the tour Canada got. All we get is one game mascot and the demos, that's it and apparently the demos are possibly the full game, but you can't do much because your Pokémon are LV 30 and won't obey you.
No merch. No stamp rally. Nothing.
Granted I'm dissapointed, but not surprised, our events are always kinda small, it really does make me wonder why they're bothering with a tour like this after the games are released.

Haaa, well, I know vande_bot has already booked her train tickets, so I think this outing will end up being more for us to hang out with fellow Pokémon fans and have fun with the games and such, since they'll already be out by then, that's if this hasn't put off a lot of people in going which... it probably has XD;
Oh well.

In other news, been catching up on Xros Wars :D Seen up to episode 20 now!

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