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So this week is gonna be a pretty busy week.
Tomorrow, as long as the weather stays okay, Tony and I are gonna have a wander into town to get some footage and photos of Worksop for his website! I need to brush up on my Worksop history. Tuesday's just the regular stuff, then Wednesday Tony's holding one of his meets in Sheffield! Thursday is a free day, then Friday afternoon I'm seeing Helen before she goes to Germany. Then Saturday is free, then Sunday it's back to work, booo :( But that's BW release week and then the week after is the BW tour X3

I also need to fit in room cleaning somewhere in this week. Everything is so dusty again!! I kinda want to start building up my website too and purchase some webspace this week, possibly. I decided to just keep the name of the site I had on webs "Togepi Paradise", since I like the layout XD
Also I will be putting my GX Duel Box scans up on that website again for easy access :) Plus other scans like Pokémon CDs and such. May also integrate Route 1 into it... well, link to it at least.
Also planning to possibly install a wordpress blog, if I can figure it out. Seems simple enough. I've installed things like oekaki boards before, seems like the same sorta thing.

I'm currently training Celebi, Sneasel and Eevee up in contest stats on VDex (Beauty, smart and cute) since it seems like once the stats are high enough you can do things to get items and money?? Always can use money on that game XD I like to get mystery eggs, in the hopes I'll get a starter or a Togepi.
I've been negelecting GPX+ so much lately XD;;
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