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So I went to Meadowhall today to get Celebi! I went with tonyous and met pkmon65 and vande_bot there, though sadly Vande couldn't stay long due to the awful weather we had today. Rain and snow D: My boots got soaked on the way down to the train station, so I decided to buy some new trainers while I was at Meadowhall. Found a nice pair for only £7!

Anyways, Tony and I went into GAME to get our Celebi's, though at that time they didn't have the BW demos set up yet, so we decided to walk around and we came back later after something to eat and I played a little on the demo, someone had left it in the middle of the battle with Cheren, so I finished it off XD

Then when we went into Gamestation, one of the workers there was walking around with a 3DS and letting people have a play with it! I gotta admit the screen looked really awesome with the 3D depth on it and I got to play a cool game where a person's face is put onto these floaty things and you have to move the 3DS around to find them and shoot at them XD That was fun!
I do think that personally I wouldn't be able to play long on it with the 3D screen on though, the guy recommended 30 minutes of playing time, but you can slide the depth to 2D so I'm pretty glad it's got that.
It was nice to get to try it out. I'm still thinking of getting one eventually, but I want to see if anymore colours come out first.

Overall it was a really awesome day :) Oh and you didn't really feel out of place at the GAME event either, I think there were more people in their teens and early 20s there than there were kids XD Haha, I just love how Pokémon has such a wide age range :)

I'm gonna go do the Celebi in-game event on SoulSilver now YAYY!

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