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Celebi Event!!

So they've FINALLY released the dates for our Celebi event and they're very last minute! XD The one nearest me (GAME store in Meadowhall) is this weekend (Both the 19th and 20th) so I guess I'm going there on Saturday. Gonna go early though so I can avoid the weekend Meadowhall crowds. May take a walk over to Toys R Us/Hobbycraft afterwards.
Sounds like they're gonna do BW demos there too :o Niiice!

Also, I spent about 3-4 hours last night watching My Little Pony (The new Friendship is Magic one) It's so cute and addicting. Certinly different from the My Little Pony cartoon I grew up with as a kid XD I wasn't sure if I really liked the new designs of them at first, but I kinda like them more than the older designs now :)
I actually thought drawing the characters would be easy, since they look so simple in design, but damn it's hard XD

Also, I'm free from work for a week and a half. Really need to make this worthwhile!! Also need to phone my friend Helen at some point since I want to see her before she goes to Germany for a year.

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