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The Pokémon BW tour in the US looks amazing! There's plush, figures and T-Shirts you can buy, anime screenings/Zoroark movie screening, a scavenger hunt for a prize draw, a demo of the games you can play, photo opportunities with starters/dragons... dear god, if the UK tour is ANYTHING like this, I will feel so damn lucky ;w; Either way, I'm going to be keeping my eye open for the dates and hope I'm not working on the day it takes place at the Bullring shopping center in Birmingham since that's the closest to me out of the five or so venues. Chances are I'll be able to find people to go with me too :) Once more information comes out and I make sure I'm not working, I'll ask around my friends and see who wants to go~
Hell, even if we don't get the merch, it'd be worth going just for a Poké-nerd day out XD

Just hjsdfgshdfjgfhsgfhshfhs so excited!!

Anyways, tomorrow I want to clean my room a little and spend the day re-arranging collection stuffs. I want to move my Togepi line and Buneary collections back into my bedroom to free up a couple of shelves in the collection room so my Canvas plush can go on one shelf and BW plush can go on another.
Here's hoping I'm not feeling lazy tomorrow :(

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