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So much stuff....such little time...

Just to say Photobucket is working for me now XD Must have been my computer being an ass as it was freezing when going onto sites aswell *kicks computer* Anyway just a Patamon icon I made just now XD Pata Pata~! (*Was listening to the song when she did the icon*)

By the way I watched Soukyuu no Fafner episodes 3 (Subbed) and 4 (Raw) the characters are hiding from the rest of humanity on an island that id invisible to everyone and can move where they wish it too....YAY! I want an island that does that! XD I wonder what's the deal with the funky girl in the basement who's all red and mysterious like *ponders*

Now I need to do some art O_O I've got a request list a mile long and it's not good for me who's having unstoppable overtime at work right now and a site I'm neglacting ....plus all those e-mails....plus all those DA Messages...ARGH! *faints*

Okay first on the list, the new splash piccie for PDU....must get that done before summer is over X_x; New layout needs to follow....
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