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So after spending the majority of last week working, I'm very grateful I've had yesterday and today off, I also only have tomorrow to work and I have a week off next week!! Then I'm back at work for another 3 weeks, then have another week off! Then the week after it's the BW release ;D So excited for BW release like you wouldn't believe!! I'm looking forward to playing it in a language I can understand, and also to get started finally on actually completing a Pokédex or as close to it as I can get anyway!

I'm hoping in this next week, to do another quick clean of my room (This room collects so much dust argh!) and move a couple of collections (Togepi and Buneary) back in here to free up a couple of shelves in the collection room, one for Canvas plush and the other for any random B/W plush I may get, especially with the awesome announcement of Banpresto's "My Pokémon Collection" line. Granted those plush are only keychain plush, so they're going to be pretty small, but I love so many of the B/W Pokémon XD So I think they will need their own shelf for the random plush I may end up getting!!

I've also been thinking of getting some webspace again, to host a personal Pokémon site for my art, collections, blogs, screenshot project and other random Pokemon stuff. If I do, I'll probably go for hosting on bigwetfish.co.uk that was recommended to be by vande_bot back when PDU went down. Their lowest hosting package is only £15.99 a YEAR (on a UK server) and has more than enough space and bandwidth for a personal site. (10GB space, 100GB bandwidth).
I'm just tired of having to relay on photobucket to host images and for some reason, last time I logged into webs I found it hard to navigate around since they've changed it all around @_@

Not sure what I want to call the site. I wanted something positive about enjoying Pokémon. Originally I thought of "We Love Pokémon" or just "Love Pokémon" but both of those already seem to be taken as sites. I dunno, maybe "Enjoy Pokémon!"? I'll have to think about it XD

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