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Lookie what I got today X3

Okay so it looks kinda psychotic but today while I was at the charity shop I volunteer at I spotted a LUGIA PLUSHIE! I've always wanted one X3 As I said it looks a bit Psychotic (*Although I like odd looking Pokemon plushies, gives them much more character*) and it makes me think it originally came from one of those grabber machines you get at the beach....but dude....
....IT'S LUGIA!!! X3

Unfortunatly some messy kid has had him before me and there are some faint stains on his legs, but I'm sure if I can't just get them off with some soap and water my mum will most probably have some kind of stain remover, I was gonna ask her today but forgot to.

And to people who have Photobucket accounts....are any of you having trouble posting pictures on it....I am, I had to upload these pictures to my tripod UK account as I couldn't load them onto photobucket, the window kept freezing O_O;;;
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