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So it's 2011 now. The start of the new year was a little boring, but I never do anything for it so it's not surprising. Watched the fireworks (And lots of Chinese Lanterns) being set off from the window and that's about it. Didn't work New Years Day, very happy about that.
Talking of work, I went there in a pretty positive mood today and stayed that way until the last hour, which was hell. My panicking hasn't been all that bad there lately at all, so I was a little off guard when something made me panic in the last hour. Bright red face, disorientation and feeling like I want to cry panic. Lovely. I came home feeling like I wanted to destroy something.
Though that said, it's the time of the month where I find myself more nervous and over-emotional and that really heightens my panicking, so I can understand why I was set off like that. Least it's not constant like it was the middle of last year.

Well, I decided to make New Years Resolutions for myself this year, namely to:
1. Eat healthier. Less pizzas and other really quick to cook unhealthy stuff and more fruits/vegetables/cereal (Like weetabix and muesli ect.) and drinking more fruit juice instead of cola. I actually started this a little before the New Year (Especially the fruit juice) and I think I'm doing well so far. Sure, I'm not gonna cut out the unhealthy stuff completely, but I'm hoping to at least avoid having it all the time.

2. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier. A little worried how this will effect my activity at duelacademy_r2 since we're ALL nightowls there, but I definitely feel like I can't pull all nighter stuff there nowadays. I guess we'll see. I don't have high hopes for keeping with this one, but I at least want to stop sleeping past midday, just because I can.

3.Draw more this year. Not just crappy doodles, but full pictures. Once I get my Christmas stuff down this week, I plan to clean the desk off and on Tuesday possibly get some proper desk stuff, like something to put paper in, a waste paper bin, stuff to hold pens ect.

4. Keep room tidy and as clutter free as I can and clean it regularly. I started hating the clutter and lack of space in my room and now that I've re-arranged the room to allow more space, I intend to KEEP that space.

I'm also hoping, when the weather gets a little warmer, to maybe start going for walks for exercise or something like that, but again, we'll see.
I'm just generally hoping these will improve my general mood and energy levels, which have both been pretty low lately.

Lately I've been kinda wishing that I could have a dog or a cat or something I could dote on a little bit, to help lift my spirits. Something for a bit of companionship I guess, too bad they make me sneeze, itch and cough .__.

On a slightly more positive note. I uploaded screenshots for "Sparks Fly for Magnemite" and "Dig Those Diglett!" on route_1 and got a shiny Riolu on GPX+ last night after 408 eggs. Looking forward to the site wide shiny hunt this month and the legendary draw thing today :)

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